Friday, May 27, 2016

A to Z Countdown-Week of May 31

A to Z Countdown
Week of May 31st

Monday--No School  

Tuesday--V-Visor Day--We will make our own personalized visors!

Wednesday-W--Water Day--Bring a change of clothes because you may get WET!

Thursday--X-eXtraordinary Awards Day

Friday--Y--Year End Clean Up!--Make sure you bring a bag to school!

Monday--June 6th--Zip and Zoom out of School!
Have a super Summer!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Ice Cream and Fluency

My upper level first grade readers have been working on this fluency packet during our intervention
time for the last 9 weeks.  Most of my students have improved their fluency by at least 10 wcpm, and even as much a 30 wcpm.  Each passage is paired with comprehension questions and often times a writing project.  If there wasn't one included, I would do writing workshop with the students after we did our daily fluency practice.  This week we've been reading the passage Ice Cream.  The we wrote about a time we ate ice cream.  The students really enjoy the themes.   Here's a link to Courtney Keimer's Unit on TpT.  Below is a photo of our ice cream stories. 

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Mrs. Dryzal

Field Trip 2016

 Today the first grade went to see The Angry Birds Movie at The Westwood Plaza Theatre and Cafe.  
The students had a great time, as you can tell by the smiles on their faces. 

When we returned to school, we did a movie graph, then made our own Angry Bird Characters and wrote about our favorite part of the movie and why it was our favorite part.  
I think they did a great job! 

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Mrs. Dryzal

Friday, May 20, 2016

Walk-A-Thon 2016

 Today was the first West Side Walk-A-Thon to raise money for our school.

We were thankful for a warm, sunny day! 

The students walked about 2 miles or 10,000 steps!

West Side Students raised $4,000 for upcoming events at school.  After the walk, we gathered in the gym for a door prize drawing.  

Thank you for your support!

Mrs. Dryzal

Outdoor Day Pics

On O-Outdoor Day, the children enjoyed working outside in the sunshine! 

Love those smiles!

Afterwards, we went outside for some extra outdoor play time!

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Mrs. Dryzal

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Fun and Field Day 2016

 Corn Hole
Bucket Toss
 Face Painting
 Ring Toss
 Jump Rope
Sack Race

The students had a nice time and fun was had by all!

Thank you to the PTA for their work and support!
Mrs. Dryzal

Sunday, May 15, 2016

A to Z Countdown for the Week of May 16th

This is the plan for this week:  

Monday-L-Letter Day--write a letter to your favorite teacher

Tuesday-M--Music Day- listen to music while we work

Wednesday-N-No Homework Day

Thursday-O-Outside Day-Bring a towel or blanket to work outside!
Friday~P-Purple Day--we will use purple in our writing and work today!
Friday is also WALKATHON Day!  Don't forget to turn in your 1.00 donation to join us on the walk.  Also, please wear your Trojan Hero Tee this Friday!

Mrs. Dryzal

Sunday, May 8, 2016

A to Z Countdown-Week of May 9th

Monday- H--Hat Day

Tuesday--I--Ice Cream Day

Wednesday--J--Joke Day--Bring a joke to share!
 Thursday---K--Kindness Day--Be Kind! 

Friday--Act 80 Day--No School 

Have a great week!

Mrs. Dryzal

Sunday, May 1, 2016


We are studying Wind in Science this cycle.  Our first activity was Bubbles.  We discovered how the wind blows the bubbles and how the movement of the bubbles changes depending on where we stand when we blow them.

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Mrs. Dryzal

Weather Themed Writing and Crafts

 As part of our Nonfiction block and FOSS kit work, we have been learning about a variety of weather topics.    In the photo above, students wrote about what they would do if they were a meteorologist on TV.

"If I were a meteorologist, I will tell my class the weather and my parents."

 "If I were a meteorologist, I would tell the weather and I will tell when a storm is coming."

We read The Rain Came Down by David Shannon after learning about how a rain gauge works.  Then we wrote about what we like to do on a rainy day. 

After learning about the types of clouds in the sky, we read It Looked Like Spilt Milk  by Charles Green Shaw.  We looked at the clouds in the sky and what they can form, then we created some things we saw in the sky using shaving cream and glue.  The students enjoyed this activity!

 a flower

Jesus and a cross

a ghost

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Mrs. Dryzal