Monday, October 28, 2013

Red Ribbon Week 2013

West Side Elementary invites you and your children to support the nation's oldest and largest drug prevention campaign. This year West Side will participate in a Red Ribbon Theme week. We encourage your children to participate and support a drug free lifestyle:
October 28th Smile for pictures and wear you best. Forever you will have a picture of the drug-free you!!!
October 29th Don't let drugs put you to sleep-wear pajamas
October 30th Drugs have met their match/don’t get mixed up with drugs-wear mixed matched attire.
October 31st Give drugs a scare-wear a Halloween shirt or orange and black
November 1st- Trojan Pride runs deep in our veins- wear Trojan Pride attire
Each day your child participates they will be entered to win a prize. A girl will win a make up kit and a boy will win a Nerf football. The drawing will be held on November 1st! Children will be given red ribbons-please wear them proudly all week long!

Mrs. Dryzal

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

40th Day

Yesterday we celebrated the 40th day of the school year.  As part of our activities, we made "40" pumpkins.  I think they look really cute!  We also counted coins to 40 by 5's and 10's, filled in our ten frames, made 40 tally marks and drew 40 items.  Zero the Hero even made an appearance! 

Our Hallway Display
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Mrs. Dryzal

Monday, October 21, 2013

Writing, Writing and More Writing

We have been very busy in first grade!  We completed our explanatory writing unit with a final project about how to eat an Oreo cookie.  First, we took a tally of our favorite ways to eat an Oreo.  Then we followed the writing process by mapping our steps using the transition words of first, next, then and last, writing our drafts and publishing our work in an Oreo shaped book. 

 I used this free writing project from Teachers Pay Teachers:
Then we learned about Inference.  We used a Mystery Box activity from  The students used the clues around the room to solve the mystery of what was inside our box. 

Several students guessed crayons....
 ...and others guessed gumballs were in the box.  Students recorded the clues and guesses on the paper I modeled after the one at The Inspired Apple. 
 Crayons were in the box! 
Next, we made Frankensteins with a free pattern from Leslie Ann on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Students then made inferences about Frank's favorites using their knowledge of Frankenstein.
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Mrs. Dryzal

Spelling List Lesson 8

Unit 8 focuses on the short e sound.  Here are our words:






Mrs. Dryzal

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Spelling Lesson Seven

Our spelling test will begin this week.  Please remember to practice the list words each night with your child.  The word lists will be sent home every Monday and testing will occur every Friday.  I will list the words on the blog each week as well.
Lesson 7
short a
You can print the list by clicking here.
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Mrs. Dryzal

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


At tonight's school board meeting, the sixth grade teachers were honored with an Academic Growth Award for our work with the 2012-2013 sixth grade class in Reading.  Although I am no longer teaching at the middle school, I am very honored to be recognized for the achievement of our students and the work that I did while at the teaching there.   

Receiving my plaque from Dr. Zahorchak and Mr. Lucas
The Sixth Grade Teachers, Administration and GJSD School Board

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Mrs. Dryzal