Monday, August 26, 2013

Our Classroom


Welcome to Our Classroom

Here's the view from the front of the room....

...and a closer look at our Super Stars Board.

This is our Reading/Calendar/Group Area.

Our Word Wall on the right hand side.
Hall Display

How Do We Go Home Display
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Mrs. Dryzal

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

D.O.T.(Daily Organizational Tool) Binders

The D.O.T. (Daily Organizational Tool)notebook contains the sections listed below. Entries are made daily so please look at all of the sections, especially the Parent/Teacher Communication section. Please see that your child returns this notebook daily.


Monthly Calendar/Yearly Calendar

The calendar will have important dates and reminders of special events at our school, birthdays of our children, and other important information.
Parent/Teacher Communication

This is the notebook paper inside the D.O.T. binder. This will be for notes between you and me.  Please stress to your children that this is ONLY for your teacher and parents to write in.  I will be writing notes to you in this section and looking for communications from you there.  Please check daily and I will do the same for communications from you.  I would also ask that you leave any notes that we may write in the notebook so that we can look back and remember any communications we may have had.  This will help me remember what we've discussed and when we discussed it. Also, please remind your child to tell me when there is a note in the notebook from you. I try to check it regularly, but occasionally we get busy and a note goes unread.
Super Duper Work to Keep

This folder will contain super duper work done by your "smart brained kid." Please remove it nightly and discuss it with your child. After you have "oooed and ahhhed" over it, I'm sure you'll want to show off this work on the refrigerator. ENJOY!!!
Important Notes/Absentee Excuses
This folder will contain any notes from school, notes from our Principal, school district as well as classroom information, etc.

This folder is also for sending excuses to school when your child is ill. If a doctor has seen your child, please send notification of that as well.

This folder will contain homework papers.   Please return them in the same pocket. Your child will also have reading homework on a nightly basis.  This will be separate from the D.O.T. notebook, since not all first grades use this system. 
Weekly Behavior Chart

This section will have a copy of a weekly behavior chart.  I will fill in the chart on Fridays according to the behavior of your child for the week.  Please be sure to sign the chart each weekend.  I will check charts on Mondays. 
Money Pocket
Inside the binder is a Ziploc bag.  Use this bag to send in lunch money, book orders, money for field trips, etc. 
Specials Schedule

You will also find a copy of our specials schedule for quick reference. 

Feel free to call, send in a note or
me with any questions about the D.O.T. notebooks. 
Mrs. Dryzal