Monday, April 21, 2014

Miss Summerville's Visit

 Miss Summerville just returned from her journey of student teaching in New Zealand and came back to us!  We didn't get to tell her good-bye in February due to the snow days, so we took this chance to give her a "proper" send off into the world of education.  Above, she is sharing a slide show of her time in New Zealand. 
Opening her gift basket....

....filled with classroom supplies....
.....a personalized candy jar....
...the book I Knew You Could....

....a print with all of our thumbprints as the leaves, so she never forgets us....

...and All The Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss.
Our class
We wish Miss Summerville all the best!  Congratulations Miss Summerville on your graduation from
UPJ!  We are proud of you!
Mrs. Dryzal

Friday, April 11, 2014

Spelling Lesson 29

Spelling Lesson 29 Word List


















Test Date:  Wednesday, April 16th due to the Easter Vacation

Study Nightly!

The Week in Review

This week we were learning about the three types of energy in Science.  They are Light, Heat and Sound Energy.  On Tuesday, we did the Hershey Kiss Heat Experiment, a freebie on TpT.  The children made a hypothesis about what would happen to the Hershey's Kiss in their open hand and what would happen to the candy in their closed hand.  After 5 minutes, we recorded our results.  You can see in the photo below that the chocolate kiss in the closed hand melted, which was a result of the heat the body produces.  

In Math, we are finishing up our unit on Fractions.  This week we made Fractionpillars, which I still need to photograph, played Fraction Bingo, compared Fractions and did some work with Smarties and fractions.    The children seemed to really enjoy this activity.  Our Assessment will be on Monday.

In Language Arts, we finished our Easter Bunny vs. The Tooth Fairy:  Who Has the Tougher Job? Opinion writing assignment.  Next week, we will be do an Opinion piece based on the story The Easter Egg by Jan Brett. 

We are also working in PATHS on making positive decisions and not letting our emotions cause us to act inappropriately. 

Thank you for stopping by!
Mrs. Dryzal

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Push, Pull, Pizza and April Showers

In Science, we are learning about Force, specifically push and pull.  Yesterday, we discovered how we use push and pull with everyday objects. 

In Math we made Fraction Pizzas.  This picture doesn't do the display justice!  The children did a really great job on this project. 

The students shared their opinions about rainy days on umbrella shaped paper.  We made umbrellas and rain boots to display our writing.
Thank you for stopping by!
Mrs. Dryzal