Monday, July 25, 2011

Classroom Theme....DOTS!

As most people know, I love to have a warm, welcoming, bright classroom for my students. For sixth grade, I'm going with at Primary Dots theme. I am going to use letters, borders and accessories using this pattern from Creative Teaching Press called Dots on Black.

These sheers also come in black, so I'm thinking about buying 2 pairs to use on my shelving units to "disguise" what is behind them. I love that they are light and have dots on them. It should help the units disappear into the background while adding some texture to the space.

School starts in less than a month for teachers!


My room

This is one of the pictures I took with my phone today (since I forgot my camera!) of my new classroom. It needs a lot of TLC and some brightening up. The small bulletin board behind the bookcase, which will be moved, will display the math word wall. The desks will be moved into teams. I plan on brightening up the room with colorful displays, plants and a few other touches. I will post those pics when I get the room together.

I'm thinking this is going to be the back wall, and the picture below shoes what I'll use as the front of the room. The Welcome sign is already gone and I'm planning some new sheers for the shelving to go with my dot theme.


Mrs. Dryzal

Vintage Post Card of Garfield

The Garfield Junior High School Vintage Postcard

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Welcome to my Sixth Grade Blog!

I will be teaching Sixth Grade Reading and Math this year at Johnstown Middle School. I plan on using this blog to communicate with parents and students throughout the 2011-2012 school year. Homework will be posted weekly for your reference, along with a variety of information and links to interesting, educational links.


Mrs. Dryzal