Saturday, August 20, 2016

D.O.T. Folder

D.O.T. Folders
The D.O.T. (Daily Organizational Tool)folder contains the sections listed below.  Each folder has three pockets.
  Please see that your child returns this folder daily.
Keep at Home
In this section of the folder, students will place work and other items that are to be kept at home.  This pocket should be cleaned out daily.
This section of the folder will contain homework papers.   Please return them in the same pocket. Your child will also have reading homework on a nightly basis.  This will be separate from the D.O.T. notebook, since not all first grades use this system. Be sure to check both daily.
Important Notes and Excuses
This section of the folder will contain any notes from school, notes from our Principal, school district as well as classroom information, etc. You may also send notes to school via this pocket.  This folder is also for sending excuses to school when your child is ill. If a doctor has seen your child, please send notification of that as well. 
Weekly Behavior Chart

The Important Notes and Excuses section will have a copy of a weekly behavior chart.  I will fill in the chart on Fridays according to the behavior of your child for the week.  Please be sure to sign the chart each weekend.  I will check charts on Mondays. 

Feel free to call, send in a note or e-mail

me with any questions about the D.O.T. folders.

Mrs. Dryzal